How to return your ticket: Explanation

On, you can request a refund for your purchased tickets.


Returns for tickets purchased on any other website or agency will not be accepted on this site.To request a refund for your tickets online, simply follow the procedure below.

This operation can only be carried out by the credit cardholder used to purchase the tickets.To request a refund, click on the button below and complete the form with the requested information.


Refund Retentions

Retention amounts vary depending on the number of hours prior to departure when the refund is requested. For purchases made with credit cards, the amounts will be credited back to the same card.


How can I return my ticket purchased by phone?

How can I return my ticket purchased by phone?

All ticket purchases made over the phone can be returned through the same channel they were acquired from. To do so, call 0800-777-3772.

Tickets purchased at agencies

Tickets purchased at agencies

If you bought the ticket at an agency, you have to go to the same place where you made the purchase.